CSM 2016

The Complicated Hip: A New Debate
Section: Orthopedics
Session Code: OR-2B-5809
Date: Friday, February 19, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Anaheim Convention Center
Room: Ballroom A

Speaker(s):   Shaw Bronner, PT, PhD, OCS
  Dirk Kokmeyer, PT, DPT
  Phil Malloy, MS PT, SCS
  Marc Philippon, MD
  Melissa Strzelinski, PT, MPT, PhD candidate

Session Type: Educational Sessions
Session Level: Intermediate

This session will provide attendees with understanding of structure, biomechanics, and neuromuscular function of the hip complex and how they differ in the functional requirements of the athlete who works primarily in closed or open chain movements. The speakers will identify intra-articular and extra-articular pathologies and compensatory neuromuscular dysfunction in complex cases. Topics to be addressed include: indications for surgical or nonsurgical intervention and rehabilitation in the athlete with over- and under-coverage, surgical revisions in the complicated hip patient, and open and closed chain trunk and hip stabilization and movement progressions in postsurgical and conservative management. Attendees will learn about regional interdependence and local and global control strategies to focus on optimal load transference across the joint and along the kinetic chain. Performance enhancement training in the complicated hip athlete will further differentiate between the open and closed kinetic chains.

Learning Objectives:
1 . Recognize the differences in anatomy, biomechanics, and clinical presentation of the hip joint complex in the open vs. closed chain athlete; men vs. women; and local and global functional movement control in the complicated hip athlete.
2. Evaluate the overlap in signs and symptoms between pathology originating from the hip, pelvis, or lumbar spine in order to guide clinical examination and interpretation of findings to appropriately develop a treatment intervention for the complicated hip athlete, including return-to-sport progressions and activity modifications when indicated.
3. Explain the indications for surgical intervention and procedures used to address hip pathology of intra-articular or extra-articular nature for the complicated hip, or when initial surgical intervention does not succeed.
4. Identify the athlete candidate for nonoperative rehabilitation when surgery is not indicated, and recognize differences in treatment progressions for complicated hip athletes recovering from hip injury or surgery.

CEU: 0.2

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