CSM 2016

Acute Care Productivity Measurement, "What about the Patient?" The Time has Come to Shift to a Value Based Measurement System
Section: Acute Care
Session Code: AC-2B-3677
Date: Friday, February 19, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Anaheim Convention Center
Room: 304 C

Speaker(s):   James Dunleavy, PT, DPT, MS

Session Type: Educational Sessions
Session Level: Basic

Acute care practice has suffered from being forced to use and be judged by productivity measurement tools that have not changed since before the advent of diagnostic related groups and episodic payments in the acute care setting. These tools, created by non clinicians, do not take into account the fact that all rehabilitation services do not generate revenue in this setting and that their professional services include much more than just CPT code defined interventions. Unreasonable and non evidence based benchmarks are causing ethical dilemmas and friction between the physical therapy profession and hospital administrations. The Acute Care Section empanelled a Task Force to look at what is necessary to change these traditional paradigms and move the profession to a value driven measurement system. This presentation will share the result of the work or the Task Force and the results of the membership survey taken last year and its impact on the task force's work and direction. The Acute Care Section Position Statement on Value/Productivity and new definitions for severity, intervention, goals, prognosis, and others that more clearly define the practice of physical therapy in acute care will be discussed. A framework for a new way to measure the value of the care we deliver will be proposed. This new framework looks to develop a measurement tool that incorporates the cost of providing care, the patient's severity, the intensity of our interventions and the measurement tools we currently use to determine patient outcomes. Time will be allocated for audience discussion of the issue of value in acute care physical therapy practice.

Learning Objectives:
1 . Describe the current productivity measurement environment
2. Understand the difference between productivity and Value
3. Understand a proposed method for measuring costs in acute care physical therapy
4. Describe the elements of a new value based measurement system
5. Understand some of the potential ways that this new measurement system could be used
6. Identify, based on knowledge of value based services, what areas in their own practice that they bring value to the patient, facility and the healthcare system as a whole
7. Evaluate their practice to determine how they can change their focus to a value based measurement system.

CEU: 0.2

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